As a brand new SCHWICITY initiative, each week we plan to select our Instagram feed of the week for our #FeedFriday feature. This particular inaugural feature is a friend of SCHWICITY who goes by the handle, @mattdoscher. Doscher is a New York City based instagrammer who has amassed a following with his captivating, clean and vibrant images. Known by many as an inquisitive explorer, Doscher has shot numerous exotic settings, aside from his professional lookbooks for Lust Ltd, Konditiond and That Steez. Be sure to check out more work on his Tumblr and throw him a follow,

When did you join Instagram?  I joined Instagram 2 years ago; June of 2012. I was late to get my hands on an iPhone.

Favorite spot? Freedom Tunnel. Never had more fun shooting a spot.

Camera? Canon 6D with a 24L and 35L.

What inspires you to shoot? My biggest inspiration is simply the fun of going out exploring with friends. I love finding new locations and taking unique perspectives.

What would you do without Instagram? Exactly what I’m doing now, without having to crop to squares.

Favorite Instagrammer? TrashHand. His work has motivated me since I discovered it.











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